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New Design of DE
de_screenshot Hello Everyone, So after a very long time I've finally decided to update DE's design. The new design uses the old design as a base, I then went through and corrected theme bugs and visual glitches in the old design. This design is still very much in development. Some planned features are: Login / Registration Built-in forums (Using the Login/Registration) Built-in social media platform (Form groups, upload pics, private message each other.) Track your... read more
Avatar: The Legend of Korra English Dubbed Added
avatar-korra-news-item Avatar: The Legend of Korra Summary: Seventy years have passed since the end of the century long conflict known as "The War". Avatar Aang and many of the other heroes of his generation have since passed on and the world has slowly recovered from The War. With Aang gone, the Avatar is reincarnated as Korra, a seventeen year old girl from the Southern Water Tribe. She is a hot-headed but powerful young woman who is ready to take on the world. With three elements ma... read more
DE Site Updates and Changes
Hello! Its been quite a while since our last "news" update so I wanted to type up a short but sweet blog(?) to keep you all updated on whats new with dubbedepisodes.com (AKA "DE"). First and foremost... If you haven't signed up for the community forums, do it now! We've got more additions coming as we integrate the main site with the forums. The arcade is up, general forum categories, etc. More games are on the way.. the old, shitty games will soon be deleted as ... read more
Hetalia Movie English Dubbed Premiere
FUNimation announced their "MEGA Premiere" for the english dubbed version of Hetalia: Paint it, White! (movie). Its set to be shown at the Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) convention @ 6p.m. Friday, Sept. 30th. So if you live around the area and want to check out the premiere of Hetalia english dub, grab some tickets and go see it! I'm sure the convention will be worth staying for. Here are some official links to help you gather more information about the event and of co... read more
Free-to-Play Anime MMORPG
We've picked this story off a few different sites and decided its worth spreading the word. Its the story of an "Open BETA" Free to Play MMORPG. What makes this one exciting is its actually an ANIME MMORPG. No, its not the first but if you're like me and enjoy a good MMORPG & Anime.. then its worth checking out, right? Plus its free to play. I imagine there will be some options to purchase in game currency or buy special items. They've got to make money off this gam... read more
Dragon Age Anime Planned for 2012
The title explains it all ^_^ but I'll break it down a bit. FUNimation & EA Games are teaming up to produce an anime based off the very popular "Dragon Age" video games. I believe announcements stated the release and/or production was set for 2012 so don't expect it this year. Here is some information we've gathered from around the net. Enjoy! REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., Jun 7, 2010 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) –BioWare(TM), an Electronic Arts Inc. (Nasdaq:ERTS) st... read more
Heaven’s Lost Property Movie
At the recent "Otakon" the major north american animation distributor FUNimation announced they've licensed Heaven's Lost Propert AKA "Sora no Otoshimono: Tokei-jikake no Angeloid" Strictly a subbed movie at this point we haven't delved deeply into getting a review but we will provide you with a quick summary, a quote from ANN and a rather ecchi looking anime trailer. Enjoy Heaven's Lost Property Summary Tomoki Sakurai often encounters a strange girl in his drea... read more
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Sasami Magical Girls Club [Subbed]

Plot Summary:Sasami has an amazing secret: Magic courses through her veins! But the spunky fifth-grader is not alone, for all over the world girls and boys are awakening to ...

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